Make your video stand out with better drone footage

Aerial videos and photography will make your content stand out—make sure it's for the right reason

The Cinematic Difference

Stand out in a crowd

Aerial video and photography using drones is so common now as to almost seem required. So how to stand out? With professional, cinematic aerial videos and photohgraphy.

Aerial videography

Shooting a movie or music video? People have come to expect drone shots, they're almost standard, but not everyone can make your shots look as professional and cinematic as we can.

Weddings & events

Get a unique perspective on your live event with a birds-eye view that includes everyone. Make your wedding or corporate video stand out from the crowd.

Surverying & imaging

A drone can go places you can't, to get an immediate up-to-date 'satellite' view. Coming soon: Guassian splat 3-D modeling of properties and buildings

What you can expect from us

Choose Mojave drones when you need more than just a 'flying camera', our job is to make you look good

Choose Mojave drones when you need more than just a 'flying camera', our job is to make you look good

Pro-quality imaging

Poor aerial imaging will make your project stand out—for the wrong reasons. You need a drone operator who knows how to use a camera on the ground as well as in the air.


Quality post-production including editing, upscaling and color-grading, plus b-roll, sountracks and more, including original sountracks if needed.

Marketing in mind

We are marketers first and foremost. Our focus is on selling your product or real-estate, and we have over 20 years of experience helping people reach their goals.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We're sure you'll be satisfied the first time. You can rest asssured that if for any reason you are not, we'll come back and make it right or you don't pay.

FAA Certified pilots

Avoid FAA hassles and legal trouble. Our pilots are licensed and certified using equipment that obeys all FAA regs including the new Remote ID requirement.

Fully insured

Safety is our priority, but accidents happen. If a freak accident damages your person or property, it's covered.

Mojave Drones Gallery

Here are a few examples of our areial photography and videos that we are particularly proud of. We can't wait to add your project to this gallery.


Professional, cimenatic quality results stand out from the crowd

Knowing how to use a drone is only a part of what it takes to make effective and compelling aerial videos and photography. Whatever we're shooting, it will stand out from the crowd.
  •     Video editing and color-grading
  •     Beautiful professional cinematography
  •     Titles, transitions, and stock/b-roll inserts
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